Providing Hope, Changing Lives

UCM is a network of Christians aiding local churches throughout Central America with their evangelism and discipleship efforts by providing (Biblical) education for pastors and (Biblical and traditional) education for children and by channeling resources through the local church to meet the needs of their congregation.

United Christian Missions, Inc. uses a different strategy than many other international missions organizations. UCM was designed around the core belief that the local church, led by local pastors who know the language and culture, serves as the best instrument of evangelism and discipleship. UCM’s resources and programs are channeled through local churches in an effort to bolster the church’s local influence, and ultimately lead people to Christ.

Bibles for the Nations

When David Webb started the Pastor’s School in 2008 he immediately realized the pastors had very few resources for biblical training and the vast majority of the families in their churches did not own a Bible. Since then, United Christian Missions has been involved in providing thousands of Bibles around the globe in areas where people cannot afford a Bible or because of the political environment, the availability of Bibles are scarce.

Educate a Child

An education is one of the most important earthly possessions a person can have. Literacy and lack of education are the two forces that continue to perpetuate the extreme poverty in which these children live. The majority of the children are unable to go to school past the sixth grade. Many cannot attend school because they have to work to help support the family.

Pastoral Leadership

UCM's Pastoral Leadership provides evangelism and discipleship training for pastors in Central America and throughout the world. These pastors already speak the language and are connected with a local community of believers. By providing resources to strengthen their ministries, we enable the gospel to spread much further and much faster than what UCM alone can do.

The number one purpose of United Christian Missions is to lead people to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and to equip them to become His disciples. All our ministry efforts all over the globe have that as our number one priority.  Our approach is not dominated by a denomination but by the essential truths found in God’s word. We are evangelical and we work with numerous evangelical denominations.