Donor Transparency

UCM provides the supporter an opportunity to know exactly how their donated funds are used. Every dollar given is used 90% for the need for which it is designated. Only 10% is used for operating expenses.

  • UCM’s leadership team, our skilled Nicaragua field coordinators and our global mission partners, provide on the ground support even when the donor is unable to be in the mission field. The field coordinators report on all projects and people assisted.
  • All churches and funds are channeled through ministries that agree with the UCM “Statement of Beliefs” and who adhere to strict accountability guidelines.
  • UCM and its Nicaragua field coordinators identify the needs of the local churches and facilitate mission team visits. Our global partners present their needs for Bibles and pastoral training materials which are provided as funds are available to meet the needs.
  • UCM funds are spent in such a way to enhance the local church’s ministry and not to promote UCM or foreign dependence.
  • UCM sponsors mission trips to Nicaragua, which enables individuals to visit and experience first-hand the extensive needs that exist in this part of the world. Trips are arranged to allow the visitors to participate in Holy Spiritinspired mission activities.  a pastor or church leader joins a UCM mission team to experience international missions up close and personal.
  • UCM provides expert guidance in the preparations before travel as well as while in Nicaragua. UCM handles the arrangements both before and during the trip including flights, hotels, transportation, interpreters, and tips.
  • UCM works to keep mission trip expenses affordable and organized. However, it does not fund mission trips. Each mission trip participant is responsible for securing his or her own funding.
  • By working through UCM, individual donors, families, organizations, charities and established evangelical churches can know for sure how their mission dollars are spent. The goal of UCM is not simply to provide assistance for the local church but to serve as an enabler to help it grow and multiply.
  • The goal of UCM is not to control the local church but to be a facilitator of the ministry that already exists in each community and provide accountability for the individuals and churches that are provided financial assistance. United Christian Missions was established on the belief that the local church, wherever it may be, should be the primary instrument of evangelism and discipleship. Therefore, in an effort to bolster the local church, it is not the intent of UCM to encourage Nicaraguan church members to leave their homeland.
  • In sharing needs that can be met by donations, it is not the intent of UCM to encourage support for its mission efforts at the expense of support for the donor’s local church.