United Christian Missions' Leadership

Proverbs 11:14 Where there is no guidance, a people fail, but in an abundance of counselors there is safety. Eleven board members are the fiduciaries of United Christian Missions. These men and women steer the organization towards a sustainable future by adopting sound, ethical, and legal governance and financial management policies, as well as by making sure the nonprofit has adequate resources to advance its mission. Currently serving UCM are Lee Howell, Adam Fisher, Garin Hill, Nancy Webb, Roxanne Tate, Patrick Mauney, January Howell, Caleb Peeler, David Webb, Lane Hefner, and Craig Blanton.

Board Members

Lee Howell

United Christian Missions

Lee lives in Rutherfordton, NC with his wife, January Murdock Howell and their children: Pilot, London, and Coleman. The Howell family are members of Cornerstone Fellowship Church in Rutherfordton. Lee played football at Western Carolina University where he met his wife, January Murdock Howell. He later transferred to Catawba Valley Community College where he received an associate degree in turfgrass management. Lee has spent more than 20 years in the turfgrass industry in golf maintenance and agronomic sales. He currently works for Ferti Technology as the Southeast Sales representative. Lee was raised in a Christian home in Robbinsville, NC but testifies that he failed to surrender his life to our Lord and Savior until the age of 34.  "The understanding and experiences I have had after that day have been more awesome than I could ever explain. I’m so very excited for the opportunity to serve as the president of United Christian Missions. I pray that God will use me to unite Christians all around the world and encourage them to be uncompromising seekers of the truth of the amazing Gospel of Jesus Christ."

Mr. Don Peeler

RE/MAX Select

Don is actively involved in brokerage, development, and acquisitions in both North and South Carolina. He has served his clients with successful purchases, sales, development, and leasing of residential, commercial and industrial properties since 1981.

M Patrick Mauney

January M. Howell


Lane Hefner-


Craig Blanton

Caleb Peeler


Administrative Staff

Lee Howell


Carlos Borge

Assistant Educate A Child Coordinator

My name is Carlos Borge, I am 22 year-olds. I was born in Managua-Nicaragua. I lived in Managua with my aunt after my dad went to USA and I thank God for her, because she taught me and my sister about the Gospel and she took us to the church, so, I grew up listening the word of God. In 2011, my dad came back to Nicaragua from USA and in 2012 we moved to Jinotega. I finished my primary and high school, here, in Jinotega. Now, I am in college, coursing my 4th year in a bachelor degree in English, in order to teach others and to be a professional interpreter to make a connection between English and Spanish speakers.

I received Jesus in my heart when I listened to the preaching at the church that I am attending. My church name is Biblical Church of Grace. I felt that I was against the word of God and even though I grew up listening to His word, I was disobeying His word, but thanks to that preaching, I accepted Jesus and I believed in His Gospel and thanks to His sacrifice I can be saved. I got baptized last year in 2021. Now, I am serving in the church, playing an instrument in order to worship His name and I try to share the gospel with my friends and classmates.

Now, I am working in United Christian Mission as an office assistant, and I have to say that it is a blessing because through U.C.M I have learnt more about the Bible, and I can see the grace of God and how He helps these kids through each sponsor. I feel happy to see each smile of the kids. So, I thank God for this opportunity.

Roxanne Tate

Office Manager

Gregory D. Blalock

Accounting Firm

Mariano Borge

UCM Country Director in Nicaragua

Oscar Perez

Educate a Child Coordinator in Nicaragua

My name is Oscar Perez, I was born in the city of Managua in 1997, I lived part of my childhood in Managua, at the age of 7 my father was called by God to work in the work of the Lord as a pastor in the city of Jinotega, my father said yes, at the call of God and our family came to live in Jinotega, we have lived for 17 years in the city of Jinotega, I studied my primary and secondary school in Jinotega at the Ruben Dario school. Despite being the son of a pastor I was not saved until the age of 11 one Sunday when my father was preaching about eternal damnation in hell, that day he spoke about a solution to escape from hell and that solution was Jesus. That day I decided to make my decision of faith and give my life to the Lord, then I was baptized at the age of 13 Years . That day was special because I decided to take that step of obedience to the Lord.

When I graduated from high school I decided to take an accounting career, but while I was studying this career God called me, when God calls us we cannot resist that precious call. I decided to study theology and prepare to serve God as a pastor in a church. God blessed me with a great woman who now is my wife . I married my wife at the age of 23, she has been a great blessing for my life and for the Ministry. We currently have 4 years serving at Hebron Baptist Church in Jinotega, we have a small group of beautiful people who meet every Wednesday and Sunday as the body of Christ.

 3 years ago God called us to work with the United Christian Missions Ministry, of course this Ministry has had a great impact on my personal life as well as on the lives of many children and their families in Jinotega. It is a great blessing to see what God is doing with the United Christian Missions Ministry and the churches in Jinotega. In my heart there is a great joy to see each child and parent coming to the Church and many of them making decisions for Christ. It is a privilege to be part of God's plan for humanity so that no one is lost in eternal damnation. We ask for your constant prayers for our Ministry and family.

Jan Crow

Office Manager

Mike Houston

Information Technology Specialist