Our Story

The founder of United Christian Missions, Rev. David Webb, shares how the Lord led him and his wife, Nancy, to begin this ministry and the guiding principles behind the ministry’s formation:

With every trip we made to Nicaragua we felt God was calling us to a deeper commitment. It was after our third trip to Nicaragua that Nancy and I felt God was initiating a call in our lives in an unmistakable way. God planted within us the same realization that if we would choose to be responsible and allow Him to work through us then many people in Nicaragua could come to accept Him and that he could use us to answer many of the prayers of his people. Those two realizations were overwhelming at first but as we have remained faithful in following him, the ministry is experiencing much success in our Lord’s name. The Lord continues in His timing to extend our ministry efforts around the globe.

- Rev. David Webb, Founder of United Christian Missions

Guiding Principles:

  • Initiating and enhancing an individual’s personal saving relationship in Christ is at the core of everything we do. We believe that salvation comes solely through the grace of Jesus Christ and the spiritual unity of believers in Jesus is the common factor that transcends our differences. Consequently, we are evangelical, non-denominational and determined in our efforts to assist local churches in growing disciples for our Lord.
  • The local national churches led by native pastors who know the language and culture serve as the best instrument of evangelism and discipleship. As a result, our ministry’s goal is to provide opportunities that will assist local churches in increasing their church’s ministry and influence. The goal is not to promote UCM or its founders but to lift up the cause of Christ through local Christian churches.
  • To identify the churches in greatest need we must start with the pastors of the churches and assess their needs. Thus, the UCM School of Pastoral Leadership was born. If church members are to grow in the Lord, then UCM should help pastors be better equipped to minister as the Lord’s servants.
  • In June 2008, the charter class of 28 pastors completed the requirements of the first two classes. Out of the 28 pastors, only one had a study Bible and the same pastor was the only one who owned a Bible dictionary and a Bible commentary. The need for pastoral resources was immediately discovered and the plan was initiated that remains in effect today at our Jinotega campus. After a pastor completes two courses, a study Bible is presented to the pastor. After 4 classes are completed, a Bible dictionary is provided. After 6 classes, a Bible commentary is provided. When a pastor completes 8 classes, a Bible is provided for every family in the church.
  • One of the greatest needs in the churches is for more Bibles. The distribution of Bibles through the churches quickly became a primary objective.
  • The “Educate a Child” program was initiated in response to the heart-breaking need expressed in the eyes of many children who look to you as their best hope for a brighter tomorrow. We didn’t want to just provide handouts. We wanted to change lives. By securing the children through the churches we felt we could strengthen the relationship between family and church, as well as provide the churches with a way to reach out to the families in their communities. Also, by requiring weekly spiritual training through the church, the spiritual needs of the children would be better fulfilled.
  • UCM’s main focus is the training of pastors and children and distributing Bibles through churches. We knew other ministries would evolve as we followed the Lord’s leading such as our prison ministry, nursing home ministry, construction ministry and ministering to the families living in a city dump. However, the multiplication of disciples must be the fruit of our God-ordained efforts. 
  • Lastly, we realized that for the Lord’s vision for the people of Nicaragua to be fulfilled, it would require individuals and churches learning how they can help that vision become reality. Thus, we must be diligent at all times in seeking to share the intense needs of a part of the world that is often forgotten.
  • Early on God revealed to us that if His plan was to succeed, then we must have responsible Christian Field Coordinators identifying and verifying needs and verifying accountability on behalf of those receiving assistance. We also realized the importance of making sure that 100% of every designated dollar is used as it is designated.
  • We also were impressed with the fact that we wanted the ministry to continue past our lifetimes, so we incorporated and became a 501 (c) (3) charity effective September 14, 2009. Today, UCM is governed by a dedicated board of directors and God continues to grow the ministry in miraculous ways.
  • In 2011, UCM's "Center for Hope" in Jinotega was established which houses UCM's School of Pastoral Leadership, Educate a Child sponsorship program and visiting mission teams.
  • In 2013, UCM outgrew its Cliffside Rd, Shelby, NC location and moved into its present location at 115 N. Main Street in Boiling Springs, NC.
  •  In 2016, Bible distributions partnerships were initiated in Cambodia and Zambia.