Other Ways To Help

For those individuals, churches, civic organizations, Sunday School classes or mission groups who desire to provide funds for specific ministry efforts the following opportunities are also available:

Undesignated Funds

It is a tremendous blessing to have funds available to enable us to target the areas where the greatest need exists.

Operational Funds

We believe firmly that the money God has called you to give deserves to go to the place God has called you to give it. Field personnel in Nicaragua must be adequately supplied with salaries and resources to conduct all the ministries which UCM administers in Nicaragua.

Training Materials

Imagine Sunday School or discipleship training without literature. $100.00 will provide Sunday School training material for a teacher and 10 students for a year.

Bibles for the Nations

Around the globe, our most requested item is a Bible in an individual's native language. The cost of purchasing, transporting, and shipping a Bible is approximately $6.25. A gift of $25.00 will purchase 4 Bibles. A monthly gift of $25.00 will purchase 48 Bibles per year.

Food for the Hungry

At UCM, we understand that meeting someone’s spiritual needs must be accompanied by meeting his or her physical needs. A gift of any amount will be used to meet the physical needs of children and families (as identified by the local churches in our network) who have demonstrated an ongoing commitment to the discipleship programs.

Dump Ministry

Imagine raising your family in the local dump where your food comes from other people’s trash. There are communities in Nicaragua where generations of families have lived this way. UCM provides food and other essentials to families living there.

Nursing Home Ministries

A gift of any amount will help provide food, medicine, cleaning supplies, and the necessities of life in the state-sponsored and poorly funded nursing homes.

Prison/Jail Ministry

Visualize jail cells built with two cement bunk beds containing 12 inmates. Each cell has one light bulb, no running water, and a bucket for a toilet. Imagine being a police officer and walking over mountainous terrain with no flashlight, radio, or handcuffs. Mission opportunities abound for inmates and law enforcement officers. In addition to spiritual guidance and Biblical preaching, UCM provides food for the inmates and needed supplies for the law enforcement officers.

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