Mission Teams

Another way that you can support our ministry is by accompanying one of our mission teams.

Our teams have incredible opportunities to minister to the people of Central America. In the past, teams have led Vacation Bible Schools, provided food for poor families, ministered at nursing homes, served on construction teams, shared God’s Word with prisoners at the local jail, and many other ministries. Nicaragua has multiple garbage dumps that are inhabitated by vunerable populations. live to forage f their sustenance

Team members are responsible for raising the entirety of the funds for their trip. We do, however, provide resources (videos, flyers, etc) to help make this fundraising process easier. Our trips are not vacations and team members are asked to work in mission-inspired activities.

We cater to church mission teams. You decide on the date, raise the funds and we take care of the details. Mission team dates wil be booked in the order the team officially request. Some teams are made up of several churches..

If you feel called to serve in Nicaragua, please contact the UCM office in order to get more information about upcoming trips.

Mission Team Forms