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Bibles for the Nations

When we began the pastor’s school in 2008 we immediately realized that, while pastors had very few resources for biblical training the vast majority of the families in their churches did not own Bibles.

We realized that the training we gave the pastors would be much more effective if their congregation could also read and study the Bible. After prayerful consideration, we agreed that part of the education and resources we provide pastors also needed to include Bibles for the church families.

This goal has been no easy task. As each class of pastors grew larger, more and more Bibles were required. Since our founding, we have provided more than 20,000 Bibles to the people of Nicaragua. In December 2011, we shipped a five-ton crate of Bibles to Jinotega. Today, we are faced with raising thousands of dollars annually to supply Bibles for the churches.

"Bibles for the Nations" has recently expanded its Bible distribution efforts to Cambodia and Zambia. Providing the Word of God to partnerships ministering in strategic locations around the world is a vital part of UCM's ministry.

We ask you to consider supporting our Bible ministry prayerfully. Just having one Bible in a home could potentially mean salvation for that family.

Suggested Donation
$125/Case of Bibles