Golf 4 Gospel Project

This project generates funds to help United Christian Missions spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and create disciples.

How G4G Works

First, interested participants send an email to Once added to the distribution list they will receive opportunities via email to place bids toward the specified golf rounds.

A golf club then agrees to extend a number of rounds to be utilized by Golf4Gospel (G4G) with the understanding the rounds are to be awarded to an individual donating to United Christian Missions (501(c)(3)). Most courses that participate will be private exclusive clubs. The opportunity to play on these courses has been extended through various networking means. Normally, the golf course superintendent or other employee has agreed to arrange the golf through his or her employee guest policy.

The announcements will include club and course info, blackout dates, special scheduling considerations, and how the funds generated will be used by United Christian Missions, Inc.

Checks are written directly to United Christian Missions P.O. Box 1038 in Boiling Springs, NC 28017.

You can also pay using your credit card by going to

G4G is currently building a distribution list consisting of participants who desire to contribute to the advancement of the Gospel with the bonus of playing at normally unattainable golf courses.