Golf 4 Gospel Project

A project that generates funds to help United Christian Missions spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and create disciples.

What is G4G?

Golf4Gospel (G4G) was born from my desire to leverage relationships within the golf industry to support missions. Our inaugural auction on March 6, 2020, raised $908.97. Following this, three golfers accompanied by an employee, played at a prestigious U.S. course—rated in the top 40 by Golf Digest—which funded seven bunk beds in Jinotega, Nicaragua, giving 14 children respite from sleeping on the ground. The pandemic paused G4G's progress. Fast forward four years and I've transitioned from my 21-year Turfgrass career to lead United Christian Missions. On June 1, 2023, I began this journey, directing a mission team to Central America. In 2024, G4G will relaunch, providing partial support for my full-time ministry.
How G4G works: Invitations are extended by G4G Ambassadors and participants bid on golf rounds via email throughout the year. The highest bidder wins and funds the round through UCM in the form of check, cash, or credit card. Golf access is orchestrated through a course's superintendent or employee-guest policy, with details and restrictions communicated in the announcement.

For the first year, we're issuing 50 invitations, evaluating annually if more will be released. We expect participants to uphold a standard of dress and conduct as guests on these exclusive courses.