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At United Christian Missions, the heart of our journey is anchored in fulfilling The Great Commission- a task that requires not just dedication and passion but also wisdom and discretion. In places where sharing the Gospel is met with resistance, the safety of those served must be our top priority. It is for this reason, among others, that we are inviting you to sign up for our news articles.

By choosing to connect with us through our newsletters, you’re taking a step towards protecting the courageous individuals who might be at risk if their association with our mission were to be made public. Our commitment extends not only to those on the field but also to you, our partners, who work tirelessly with us. A secure line of communication is essential to preserve the integrity of our unified efforts and to ensure that we can share the fullness of our stories, progress, and prayer requests without undue censorship.

This intentional approach will provide a channel through which we can unite more effectively in mission and purpose, undeterred by the challenges we face.

Please take a moment to sign up for our newsletter. Together, let’s continue to serve in unity and strength, under the guided hand of God's providence to Evangelize, Engage, Equip, and Encourage.