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Educate A Child

An education is one of the most important earthly possessions a person can have. Illiteracy and lack of education are the two forces that continue to perpetuate the extreme poverty in which these children live. The majority of Nicaraguan children are unable to go to school past the sixth grade. Many cannot attend school because they have to work to help support the family.

It is typical in an underdeveloped nation for the government to require students in public schools to wear uniforms to remove economic and class distinctions for students. While many parents understand the value of an education, the price of uniforms and school supplies are an expense that many households cannot afford. Unfortunately, education for most families is only a dream.

At UCM, we believe meeting spiritual needs and addressing physical needs go hand in hand. Educate a Child was designed to help children attend school while providing weekly spiritual instruction for them to grow in their faith. This is where our Educate a Child sponsorship program begins.

Sponsor a child in Nicaragua and allow them the opportunity of an education. Provide uniforms, shoes, school supplies, Bible, dictionary, and weekly spiritual training through a local church. Sponsors receive a yearly update with photos.

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A Bed for Every Child

A good night's rest is critical for developing healthy cognitive, behavioral and physical functioning. Your donation can provide a bunk bed and mattresses for EAC children. You can help these children sleep better and improve their brain functions to be successful in school. You will also help reduce medical conditions that are caused from sleeping on the damp, insect and rodent infested ground.

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Medical, Vision, & Dental Care for a Child

Suggested Donation

In addition to medical and dental care, eye exams are essential in order for children to succeed in school. Meeting medical needs makes it possible for children to remain healthy and focus on learning. Many health issues are identified in these exams and your donation can provide care.

Continuing Education for a Child

Any Donation is Appreciated.

This program assists graduates of the Educate a Child program in their pursuit of advanced degrees and/or skills in the trades. While the Educate a Child program has enabled them to graduate high school many well-qualified and conscientious students lack the funds to further their education. Expenses while attending college can be up to $1600 a year in Nicaragua.  Students working toward continuing education struggle to pay the expenses of college and also must continue working to help provide for their families.  A small gift toward a student’s college expenses can mean the difference of a high school graduate being able to pursue a college education or skills training.

Shoes for a Child

Any Donation is Appreciated.

Due to the difficult terrain, shoes wear out quickly.  You can provide shoes for children who cannot afford a pair of shoes.

Christmas Joy for a Child

Any Donation is Appreciated.

With your help, your support will enable us to fairly distribute gifts to each child in the EAC program, which will not only bring joy to their hearts but smiles to their faces.