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School of Pastoral Leadership

UCM School of Pastoral Leadership provides evangelism and discipleship training for Nicaraguan pastors. These pastors already speak the language and are connected with a community of believers. By providing resources to strengthen their ministries, we enable the gospel to spread much further and faster than UCM alone can.

Imagine being called by God to serve as a pastor but having no money to buy essential resources like a Study Bible, a Bible Dictionary, or a commentary. Even worse, many have no money to obtain Biblical training. The UCM School of Pastoral Leadership in Jinotega, Nicaragua, helps meet those needs. Through consistent attendance at the pastor’s schools, each pastor can receive theological training and resources to increase his effectiveness in studying the Bible and preaching to his congregation.

UCM’s Pastor’s School staff are in the mission field daily, identifying and educating active pastors who desire to enhance their ministry skills and understanding of God’s word. Once identified, these pastors are invited to enroll in the UCM School of Pastoral Leadership.

To receive the free training, pastors must agree with the UCM Statement of Beliefs. The school’s goal is to come alongside pastors from non-denominational churches and churches from various denominations to assist them in fulfilling their call to ministry. We believe that the spiritual unity of believers in our Lord Jesus Christ is paramount to reaching people for Christ. Therefore, we aim to provide training that appeals to and aids all evangelical denominations.

The curriculum is Christ-centered and biblical. Emphasis is placed upon evangelism and discipleship. Another primary goal of the school of Pastoral leadership is to equip churches that need Bibles, Bible study resources, and other discipleship training material.

At its inception in June 2008, of the 28 pastors enrolled in the first two classes, only one of the 28 pastors who completed the work had a Study Bible. Only one had a Bible dictionary, and only one had a commentary. About 50 percent of their wives did not own a Bible. Pastors often have to choose between providing food for their families or pursuing an education. As a result, UCM decided that all classes, including curriculum materials, would be provided free of charge if funds were available.

These two questions, "What would Jesus have me know" and "What would Jesus have me do" are the questions that stimulate and guide our teaching efforts. We are most concerned about growing disciples who can help duplicate in the lives of others "What Jesus would have us know and do."

More than 650 pastors have been trained through the United Christian Missions School of Pastoral Leadership. UCM missionaries in the classrooms and the communities are constantly looking for ways to inspire and encourage pastors and church leaders.

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